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Ending the
120 year exile
Trophy Extra Special Stout is brewed in Nigeria from plants grown locally. It’s something we’re proud of as it’s part of our heritage. We’re equally proud of our Nigerian cultural heritage, so we’ve created #RECLAIMYOURDNA to repatriate Naija's lost treasures back to their rightful place and original home. We’re also working to inspire a renewed appreciation and understanding of the cultural significance of art in Nigeria.

A museum in Benin City, full of magnificent Benin Bronzes returned from Europe, would be one of the most significant moments in African cultural history since independence

Barnaby Phillips

In 1897 British colonial troops invaded Benin City and looted over 3000 priceless artefacts. Most of these treasures ended up in the British Museum. 
For 120 years, Nigeria has been pleading for their return. But the Museum refuses, believing that Nigerians cannot take proper care of our own heritage. 
The Crime of Disinheritance
Our Benin Bronzes were stolen by force. Regarded as some of Africa’s greatest treasures, they have influenced European and Western art.
But for us Nigerians they are virtually inaccessible. In glass cases, thousands of miles away, we are disconnected and denied the opportunity of learning and reflecting on our own history and culture.
3000+ STOLENArtefacts
3000+ STOLENArtefacts
The world needs to know about the theft of the Benin artefacts and the loss they have caused us for generations. The past cannot be changed, but their return will mean we can re-engage with our history and culture on our own soil.
It’s not about dwelling on the wrongs of the past, but taking action to right the future.
Our plan is to steal them back
To take them out of glass cases and make them accessible to all Nigerians by creating an open-source museum both online and in the real world.